Be welcome to the 12th FAI Women's World Gliding Championship!
This world flying contest will be start at July the 1st 2023 and will be held in Soria (Spain)

Women's World Gliding Championship

Do you come as a pilot/crew/family or as a visitor?
Check the facilities we have for you to visit the contest. 
Whatever, we hope you enjoy the experience of flying in Garray-Soria Airfield

The 12th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championship

1 July 2023 – 14 July 2023, The Garray Airfield, Soria

See the world’s top sportswomen race their gliders over 14 intense competition days and thousands of kilometers to become World Champion.  Watch the mass launch of up to 60 gliders, follow them on live race tracking. It’s a great family day out with fun gliding-related activities for the kids, air and ground displays and street food stalls.

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The Team Behind the Scenes

Hello pilots and teams!

For this championship we have gathered many fans of glider flight.
We are all pilots and we practice gliding with great passion. In Spain there are not many of us who practice this sport, and women even less.
For this reason, when the chance to organize the women's glider world championships knocked our door, we saw the opportunity to take this sport where it had never been before.
It is a privilege for us to be able to host such an important event in the world of gliding. We are doing our part so that we all enjoy a fair, powerful and very fun competition.

We are waiting for you all in Garrai-Soria

Santiago organizacion

Santiago Martí


Ángel Casado

Belén organizacion

Belén Martí

Juan organizacion

Juan Cabanyero

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Mikel Madinabeitia