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How a gliding competition works?


 is a fixed-wing aircraft that is supported in flight by the dynamic reaction of the air against its lifting surfaces, and whose free flight does not depend on an engine. Most gliders do not have an engine, although motor-gliders have small engines for extending their flight when necessary by sustaining the altitude (normally a sailplane relies on rising air to maintain altitude) with some being powerful enough to take off by self-launch.

The Championship

Gliding contests generally last one week, but international contests last two weeks. Sometimes days are allocated for practice before the contest to allow non-local pilots to familiarize themselves with the contest area.

The task for the day is based on the predicted soaring and weather conditions of the day and is made up of a combination of a minimum time in the air (between 2 and 5 hours) coupled with a collection of locations (turnpoints) which must be overflown (within a specified radius). Some turnpoints may be mandatory, others may be optional, or a combination of both. 

Launching all the gliders usually takes an hour. Once all gliders in a class are launched and have had time to get into a position to start, the launch director will announce that the "start gate is open" via radio. This means that pilots can begin flying their assigned task and can start immediately, or might delay their start for tactical or weather-related reasons. The pilot must announce his start time via radio. Each pilot will then attempt to fly the task as quickly as possible.

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Pilots, fans, visitors and folks. Be Welcome to the World Women Gliding Championship 2023!


Maybe you are interested on gliding and flights or maybe just come to support your team in the championship. 
However, you must know a couple of things before everything starts. 
When you come to the airfield you should know that it's a bit "far away" from the city, that's why we have compilated a several activities to be sure you all will enjoy Soria and the trip. 

To make your experience even better and without troubles, in this link you'll be able to find usefull places: healthy-sanitary info, police and emergency services, touristic guides or close supermarkets. 


As a pilot you should know some important info and take care about all the necessary documentation. Also the glider details and specific info the federation and the championship organization must know to make able your participation in the event. 

You are able to find all this details surfing on Downloads.