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Public & VIP Events

Not exclusive for pilots

The July 1st starts the contest. Get everything ready, because some teams were been here training for some weeks ago. Don't miss it!

You may not be a pilot. Perhaps you have never flown.
But this championship is going to be a great show.
48 gliders on the starting grid
15 countries
Flying to the limit, braving the weather and using all their skills to win the world gold medal.

During the championship there will be activities for all audiences.
Have a drink on the terrace, eat in the cafeteria and enjoy the environment that we have prepared so that you can watch the competition comfortably.
Fly with the glider simulators or try to be the best and face the champions in an awesome paperplane contest


Event Schedule

  • June the 26 th until the 28 th .Unofficial Training

  • June the 28 thFirst Official Team Captain Briefing

  • June the 29 th until July 1 stOfficial Training

  • July the 1 st at 20:00 CESTMandatory Airspace Briefing

  • July the 1th at 12:00h - Garray AirfieldOpening Ceremony

  • July the 2nd until July the 14thContest Flying

  • July 6th at LEGY International Dinner Evening

  • 8th July at LEGY Open Day

  • 11th July 19:00Spanish Dinner Evening

  • July the 14 th at eveningFarewell Party

  • July 15th at LEGYClosing Ceremony

Our Public Events


Opening Ceremony

July the 1st at 12:00h local time at LEGY-Garray Airfeld.

Public attend!

Official 12th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championships Opening Event.

12am –We have started.
Everything starts here, in the airfield where the contest is going to happen.
Be welcome pilots, teams, volunteers and general public.

We will introduce the countries and their champions with the presence of some aviation personalities and public figures. We will give the starting gun of the Women's World Gliding Championship 2023.



Closing Ceremony

July the 15th at 12:00h local time at LEGY-Garray Airfeld.

Entrance for contest participants.

The end of the championship. We'll say goodbye at the airfield. Place where we will held a ceremony in which the prizes will be delivered in the presence of public figures and all the participants and teams from each country.

And we can all say goodbye and celebrate a great championship.



Spanish Dinner Evening

July the 11th at 19:00h local time at Garray Airfeld.

Entrance for contest participants.

As a hosts, the organization and the city of Soria will make a good and typical Spanish dinner.

It will be an event to laugh, enjoy, talk and get to know each other a little more deeply.



International Dinner Evening

July the 6th at 19:00h local time at Garray Airfeld.

Entrance for contest participants.

A worthly international event must give the participans the chance to tryfood from every country.
This day every team will cook traditional dishes from their countries and we will share a great dinner testing flavours from all around the world.



Open Day

July the 8th all day at Garray Airfeld

Public attend!

A day for everybody. Come and enjoy the sailplanes' grid, follow the races in-live, eat and drink in our terrace with views and enjoy every activity we have made for all the family.

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