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Public & VIP Events

Not exclusive for pilots

The July 1st starts the contest. Get everything ready, because some teams were been here training for some weeks ago. Don't waste your time!

The whole family will enjoy the exciting programme of events running alongside the Championship!

The first day will be a special day for the pilots and teams, a "small committe" event.  If you would like to be involved as a Championship sponsor, please contact us via the Contact page.

Our local residents get a sneak preview of the competition in the Village Hall on the afternoon of July 8th including the chance to fly the glider simulator!


Event Schedule

  • March the 31 st .Preliminary Entries Due

  • April the 15 th .Final Entries Deadline

  • April the 30 th .Reserve Pilots Accepted

  • All year roundAirfield Availability for Training Flights

  • March the 30 th .Pilot/Team Captain Registration

  • June the 26 th until July the 1 st .Technical Inspection

  • March the 30 th .Deadline for approval of new GNSS FRs

  • June the 30 th .Configuration changes close

  • June the 26 th until the 28 th .Unofficial Training

  • June the 28 thFirst Official Team Captain Briefing

  • July the 1 st at 20:00 CESTMandatory Airspace Briefing

  • June the 29 th until July 1 st .Official Training

  • July the 2nd until July the 14thContest Flying

  • July the 8th at 12:00h CESTOpening Ceremony

  • July the 14 th at 20:00h CESTFarewell Party

  • July the 15 th at 12:00h CESTClosing Ceremony and Prize-Giving

Our Public Events

Opening Ceremony  – July the 8th at 12:00h CEST –   Free to attend!

Official Women’s World Gliding Championships Opening Event.

12am – We have started. After the first days of contest, we will be officially open and we'll have a great event to celebrate it. 
At the Main Hall Square in Soria you will be able to discover every team, pilots and countries involved in the contest. 
Can't find us? Just search the big white glider in the main square

Activities  – Xth July 2023   Free to attend!

We will posting every event we organize. The contest won't be only for pilots or airplanes fanatics.
Everybody is welcome to the airfield. 
That's why we hace several Open-Doors days when everybody will be able to come, see, enjoy and (if you dare) fly with us!

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