How to arrive by public transport?

From Madrid to Garray

#1/ A bus fom Madrid to Garray

Seems like the easiest way to get there. 
You can consult the different options on this website (available in english)

The price is around €30 and the journey takes 3 hours.
They also depart from Barajas airport.

Here is the Madrid's bus station:


From Madrid to Soria. From Soria to Garray.

It's actually easier to go to Soria, a biggest city near to Garray (actually a small village).

You can take a train to Soria.
The train from Madrid to Soria usually takes approximately 3 hours 4 minutes to cover a distance of 181 km. On this popular route, you can find 2 trains a day with different schedules and fast journeys.

Madrid's Chamartin train staion:


Then, take a bus from Soria to Garray.

The price is around €2 and the journey takes 10 minutes.


Camping Area in the Airfield

During the contest a camping area will be available in the airfield.
The price of this service is: -check with the wwgc organization-
You are able to book your tent-place contacting us or through your federation and national team. 
The camping area will be provided with the basic utilities to live: water and light and shadow

If you want more info about booking a camping place for the contest,
send us an email:


IMPORTANT: Don't forget this is Spain, and in Summer the weather is very hot. The temperatures will rise till 40ºC during day and less than 20ºC at night time
The organization will provide common zones with fresh air for the teams and visitors during day. 
But you should take care of this and be ready if you want to enjoy the contest: Remember to bring sunscreen, hat and sunglasses... and you will find cold drinks in our conditioned-air bar!

*The following map may change as the contest date approaches.

  • A  C-130 Hercules airplanes | Aviones Hércules C-130
  • B  Hangar A - Academy Gliders | Hangar A - Veleros de escuela
  • C  Hangar C | Hangar C
  • Hangar D | Hangar D
  • Podium and main stage | Podium y escenario principal
  • F  Bar and staff offices | Bar y oficinas de organización
  • Food area and Self Service | Comida y autoservicio
  • H  Canteen, terrace and good views | Cantina, terraza y buenas vistas
  • I   Main Grid | Parrilla de salida
  • J  Camping Area | Área de camping

  • Blue Zone: flight area, acces not permited | Zona de vuelo, prohibido el paso
  • Green Zone: Land zone, available to walk | Zona de tierra, permitdo el paso
  • Red zone: Acces not permited | Zona prohibida al paso

Hotels and houses in Soria and Garray

Soria has a very wide offer of hotels and houses to rent, as Garray. 
If you are having troubles finding a place to sleep, don't hesitate and contact the organization.
We are able and happy to help you.

You can try some of this hotels:


Interesant and useful places and contacts

Mobile Signal and SIM card

We offer the possibility to foreign people and visitors abroad the EU who need a mobile SIM card is managed through us.

Useful Contacts

National Police of Soria:
+34 975 23 93 23
(C. Nicolás Rabal, 9, 42003 Soria)

Guardia Civil Soria (road police):
+34 975 22 03 50
(C. Eduardo Saavedra, 6, 42004 Soria)

Emergency phone:



Commercial Areas

· Visitors have the chance to go shoping at Soria's downtown. Only 15 minutes by car from the contest. 

· The Mall Camaretas in Soria is also open and available to visit and has several and different shops.
Visit here 

· You can also go to Garray-town, 20 minutes walking from the airfield. Where you will find some basic-stores and supply-shops.

What To Do In Soria

A unique environment At 7 km of Soria city, Garray offers the visitor a varied set of touristic, gastronomic and landscaping possibilities.

Do you like trekkinn or outside natural activities?
Like you! Cause you are in the perfect paradise for fresh-air to do sports or to walk about.

Chek this list of amazing places to visit we have made for you in Soria and around.

We must mention the ruins of the pre-roman city of Numancia, the dinosaurs footprint route, the Garray roman Hermitage national monument and a perfect environment for excursions and hiking.

More links of interest you would like:


Download the Soria tourism app

Before start your journey to the city, download and check the tourism app #eligesoria
Available for iOS and Android. It will able you to discover every activity in the city and around during your trip.
Use the app like a pocket guide to view and visit every monument, have a lunch in the best restaurants and don't miss any event.