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Popular and Essential Downloads

Airspace_2023_LEGY.txt Updated: 05/10/2022, 16:30
Airspace_2023_LEGY.txt (27.972 kB)
2023_GARRAY_WAYPOINTS.cup Updated: 05/10/2022, 16:30
2023_GARRAY_WAYPOINTS.cup (42.395 kB)
Bulletin #2 WWGC2023_Bulletin_2

Bulletin #1: Bulletin_1

Individual Registration Form:

NAC Registration Form:

Landing in LEGY: carta-aterrizaje-LEGY-LC-20140214

Garray view from the air: garray

LEGY airfield: LEGY

LEGY Visual approach chart: LEGY_VAC

LEGY VAC annex: LEGY_annex_1

LEGY Self briefing notes:

LEGY Accomodation info: Hoteles_Soria

LEGY access, red for cars, green for trailers: