Frequently Asked Questions

We will add questions here as we get asked them!

1When is the camping area available?
The camping area will be available from Juny the 1st to July 15th
2What plug do I need for campsite electrical supply?
CEE17 blue plugs and sockets which are standard across most of Europe. Remember in Spain (as in the most of Europe) we use the schuko model, so be sure you have this plug or adapter.
3What licence and medical do I need?
If you are an european citizen, you sould bring your European Medical Card in force. As a Europe membership, in Spain you are able to get health cares with this card. If you are not a European citizen, you should get some private medical insurance. Check with your insurance company about the coberture of your agreement.
4What map do I need?
The map is the Number 5 you can get from Enaire. Anyway, you will able to get it at the airfield during the contest. You can download it here Download
5How do I bring my trailer into the country?
You are able to drive in Spain if you are an european citizen, with your drive license. If your are not european, you must get your drive license force in Spain to manage trailers.